“Sex and the City” Star to Seek New York Gubernatorial Seat

In an era that has seen businessman and reality television star Donald Trump win the White House, and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger serve as California’s governor, perhaps it should not be so surprising that others in the entertainment business are getting into politics.

Nevertheless, many were deeply surprised to learn that the actress Cynthia Nixon, who is famous for playing Miranda on HBO’s “Sex and the City,” has launched her campaign to potentially become New York’s next governor. She will participate in the September 13th Democratic primary.

Also running is incumbent Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. He will seek the Democratic nomination in his pursuit of a third term as leader of the Empire State. Whoever wins the primary will go on to face the Republican nominee in the general election on November 6th.

Given the fact that Nixon is not a career politician, many wonder if her run is sincere or if she is simply seeking to annoy Governor Cuomo.

While the incumbent has a sizable financial war chest, having raised an estimated $30 million in pursuit of reelection, his polling numbers are not too strong. If Nixon is serious about the race, there may an opening for her to gain some steam against the governor.

The actress kicked off her campaign by pointing out the ongoing problems with New York City’s subway system. She blamed Governor Cuomo for not doing enough to help improve public transportation in the nation’s largest city.

As a breast cancer survivor, Nixon has engaged in activism to benefit those affected by the disease.

Nixon identifies as bisexual, and is married to a woman named Christine Marinoni. She has been active on issues impacting the LGBT community.

The Emmy-winning actress still occasionally turns up on television and in movies.

However, one would expect her focus for now to be her political campaign. In addition to Governor Cuomo, State Senator Terry Gipson is also in the race for the Democratic nomination.

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