Shervin Pishevar: Innovation Reshaping the World in 2019

One of Shervin Pishevar’s most important topics has been the modern threat to innovation. There is a good chance that the world will recognize a solution by 2019. For a long time innovation has progressed with very little guidance. This has left its growth lacking the necessary support toward realizing the full potential of many new projects. According to Shervin Pishevar, small business is important to this end.

Several ICOs are expected to launch soon. Many of them represent solutions to existing problems and should launch by 2018. EOS is deemed as the most significant by many crypto experts. It proposes a new infrastructure for the Internet. This is quite a large project with many participants. Several side projects are developing alongside EOS.

2018 is truly an exciting year in cryptocurrencies. However, few outside the developers of the technology may recognize it. Most savvy crypto investors recognize a trend in Bitcoin at the end of each year. As Bitcoin prices go so tends the rest of the cryptocurrency market. Shervin Pishevar’s discussion about Bitcoin’s slow recovery illustrates the new market’s maturity. Realistically, any price rally at the end of 2018 will be more stable than past years. The overall gains may be more, but the percentage gains will likely show a more stable market.

2019 is where the general public will begin to take serious notice of cryptocurrencies. Rather than dreams of wealth, blockchains may permeate daily life within the year. Many economic professionals who are fascinated by Bitcoin believe that everyday purchases are the next hurdle for significant social acceptance. This is how the world is expected to adopt cryptocurrencies. In fact, Ethereum, which is considered by many as the most important blockchain, operates similarly to the smartphone applications that are now common even to children around the world.

The benefits of a crypto driven Internet are lower prices for consumers and reduced costs for producers. The reason this is possible is that cryptocurrencies cut out the middlemen and third-parties that do not add value. Shervin Pishevar might say that this is synonymous with dismantling monopolies.

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