Simplifying Cloud Technology- Innovation by OneLogin and Envoy

OneLogin, a renowned cloud-based identity and access management service provider whose major clients are businesses and organizations. The company purposes to use IAM to control and secure access to applications and devices, and to increase end user productivity through single sign-on. The company is the brainchild of two brothers, Thomas and Christian Pedersen, and was established in 2009. The brothers, who previously worked with Zendesk, realized that organizations faced serious security challenges while moving to the cloud. To help solve this problem, they came up with an easy to use and secure identity and access management.

OneLogin recently partnered with Envoy to implement the System for Cross-domain identity management technology. Envoy is a San Francisco based company that creates software that enable office visitors to sign in using iPads. Their technology makes the old, insecure system of using logbooks obsolete. Their client base includes some of the fastest growing companies which have no problem embracing technology and have a huge number of customer traffic.

Envoy implemented OneLogin’s SCIM protocol for user provisioning for their Premium and Enterprise customers and was set up by adding the Envoy user provisioning connector to OneLogin’s application catalog. SCIM makes application rollout quicker by synchronizing the user attributes into the desired application. This can be seen in the Envoy application since it allows the customers to automatically provision fields such as employer’s names and office location. It also automatically updates the user profiles as changes occur.

Integrating with OneLogin seems to have improved the customer experience for Envoy customers since they no longer have to go through long lists of non-existent employees. OneLogin enables their customers to use it as their source of truth by synchronizing all employee data to the Envoy directory. The integration of OneLogin to Envoy technology was rather smooth because of the constant customer support and straightforwardness of OneLogin. The company has witnessed immense growth which can be attested to by the increased number of SaaS vendors visiting their developer website and enabling for the SCIM application. The company recently hired Brad Brooks as their chief executive officer. Brad has a wealth of experience in this sector and will be an asset in growing the company.

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