Slyce Has A Lot To Offer In Visual Search Industry

Online Shopping Industry Makes Big Changes

In order to keep up with the demands that are placed on it, the fashion industry is making some big changes to the way that corporations analyze the data that they receive. It is taking a long time to actually make this change, but it will be worth it. It will increase the profits that fashion retailers are seeing. It will help these companies grow quicker. Keeping up with these demands will allow fashion retailers to stay closely connected with what the consumer needs. However, is it possible to stay up to date with consumer needs when there is so much data coming in from different sources?

In a recent article from Live Mint, a developer of one of the newer start ups in the visual search industry, Ram Prakash, shares his expert opinions on the direction that the fashion industry is headed in terms of analyzing the data that is coming through their systems. Apparently, it is not easy for these companies to continue to keep up their stock of products because they are not used to reading this data. These companies are having to change their procedures in order to keep up with a growing technologically driven industry.

One of the bigger players in the visual search industry is Slyce. This company is from Los Angeles, California, and they are making new waves in the online shopping and visual search industries. The company was once a tech business that helped people find files and documents on their computers. Slyce is now an image recognition company that specializes in connecting consumers to the products that they are interested in purchasing by the means of the pictures they take with their smart phones. Consumers can download Slyce’s application for free, and they can test out the platform themselves to see what it has to offer them.

Slyce has other things to offer to consumers apart form the ease of finding their products through conducting visual searches. They are able to send up to date information to consumers when they are near a shopping center or retailer who is offering a special savings or promotion. Slyce also started this feature on their application that allows users to connect to a customer care associate in order to answer any shopping questions they may have.

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