Smart Lighting: The Smart Choice

Illuminate smartly and ditch the switch; smart lighting is one of the most efficient, convenient, and user-friendly decisions you can make for your home.


Lighting is arguably one of the most important facets of your house. Good lighting can make or break a room. It can alter the color perception of your walls, and it can set the mood of each quarter. Plus, it’s great for creating a certain atmosphere for celebrations (like team color-themed Superbowl parties) and seasonal events.


Smart lighting makes achieving these ideal settings way easier, and way more fun. Gooee Smart lighting works with your smart device (whether a phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to provide users with the most commodious experience. In larger-scale environments, the reach can be adapted to be controlled from a central hub that maintains the smart lighting network. From these devices, lights can be turned on and off (goodbye, switches!), and even dimmed or change color, depending on your setup.


These controls can be operated from any location, even when you’re not at home, making Gooee’s light management concept not only a visually smart option, but afinancially. smart option. Forgot to flick the lights off before leaving home? No worries! Simply cut them off from your phone’s app. Want the floodlights on before you get home at night? You know what to do! Smart lighting allows the user to calibrate exactly when any light in any room should be on, maximizing your energy efficiency, minimizing your utilities bill, and simplifying your to-do list.

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