Some of The Funniest Movies From the 80s


Did you know that some of the funniest movies from the 1980s are also Tom Hanks movies? Most people know that Tom Hanks is a comic genius and an amazing actor in general, but what they don’t know is that he made some of the best movies of the 1980s. Let’s explore two of the top Tom Hanks movies from the 1980s and see why they’re so funny.


  1. “The Money Pit” 1986


This film stars Tom Hanks alongside Shelley Long. The two play a couple who are looking to settle down in a nice home. Hanks’ character makes a personal connection that allows him to buy a lovely fixer-upper mansion outside the city for a great price. He and his sweetheart think they have it made in the shade with this amazing house until they find out that it’s got more problems than they ever could have imagined. It’s a complete money pit, and as you might assume, hilarity ensues.  Definitely one of the most fun, if not the best movies of all time.


  1. “Big” 1988


“Big” stars Tom Hanks as a young teenager who makes a wish on a magic carnival game and becomes a man overnight. Naturally, a teenager in a grown man’s skin isn’t going to act like an adult. Hanks’ character moves to the city, quickly gets a top-level job at a toy company and spends most of his earnings on toys, games and junk food. Will he ever make it home to his parents and friends who miss him? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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