Some Shocking Stories From Universal Studios Theme Parks


Theme parks are supposed to be fun places where people go out to have a good time and try something adventurous. Unfortunately Universal Studios accidents and other shocking events happen at these theme parks all too often. Below are some shocking stories out of Universal Studios theme parks around the world.


One employee at Universal Studious theme parks decided to go into the restricted area of the Dueling Dragons roller coaster ride. While he walking in the restricted area he got hit in the head by a roller coaster train going over 55 miles per hour. That must have hurt. The employee had some serious head injuries and had to be taken to a hospital. Perhaps he now knows to not go into restricted areas and that there is a good reason to not wander into where you are not supposed to be.


In 2003, a 34 year old woman had a heart attack while on the Incredible Hulk roller coaster ride. The woman was supposedly in good shape. It is unclear whether the ride caused or triggered the heart attack.  One of the many creepy true stories on the internet about theme parks.


A truly reprehensible case at Universal Studious involved one park employee locking a 17 year old employee and raping her in a building that was reserved only for employees. Another shocking event at Universal Studious involved one rider getting hit in the eye by an unknown object while riding in the Dragon Challenge course. The rider lost vision in that eye after being hit with the object. In a strange twist, the rider had already lost vision in one eye before the event and now became blind because of the incident at Universal Studios.

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