Sony is Threatening Twitter

Sony has asked Twitter to ban accounts of users who are tweeting links to the leaked information that was stolen from its servers. Twitter is not the first company to be threatened. Earlier, social media sharing websites like Reddit and numerous media agencies were also pressurized to take action against anyone sharing links to the leaked information. It seems that the threat is likely working as social media websites including Reddit asked users to remove such links.

The information was stolen by a group called Guardians of Peace who is asking Sony, Motion Picture of America and other media outlets to stop airing of – what they call propaganda against North Korea. In an effort to curb the spread of information, Sony decided to take legal actions against websites where such links to leaked information is likely to exist.

According to the press release by Sony’s lawyer posted on LinkedIn, Sony does not want any user of Twitter to store, copy, disseminate, upload, publicize or make use of any information related to the leak. As of now, Twitter has not responded nor officially reacted to the threat posed by Sony’s legal notice, but Twitter’s management is claiming that it is looking into the matter, and Sam Tabar believes them. According to Twitter’s policy, no one can share private information or information related to national security; however, the policy on deleting accounts on the basis of links directing to third-party remains a tricky issue that can land Twitter in trouble with freedom of speech activists.

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