Stampede in Shanghai Draws Questions

Relatives of victims are questioning the security measures adopted by the Municipality of Shanghai for New Year celebrations, which have turned to tragedy when a stampede killed 36 people.

The reasons behind this stampede are not well known as of yet, but it is said that the prospect of money might have driven the people in the area into a frenzy. No actual money was found, but some coupons masquerading as money were.

The tragedy occurred Wednesday 31 December, half an hour before the transition to the year 2015 when the crowd gathered on the Bund, emblematic site built between the time banks foreign concessions and the Huangpu River, was panicked. Curious wishing to cross the few steps to access the promenade were stranded by those wishing to get off. Most were young men, the oldest victim in 37 years.

Amateurs, including one published on the website of the daily Nanfang Dushibao show hundreds of people swept away by the movement of the crowd, some already stifling, others soon trampled. From above, young people are launching “Step back, step back!” That had t be a scary situation if you ask Christian Broda his opinion.

While the few police officers present seem overwhelmed by the chaos, many others were unable to calm the increasingly distressed crowd on the streets. Several witnesses questioned why the police did not have more officers around these major public stairs. The drama also led to 42 wounded, according to the news agency.

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