Steve Ritchie Of Papa John’s Writes About Touring Locations Around The Country

Steve Ritchie has been a member of the Papa John’s team since May 1996 when he was hired as a customer service rep. He rapidly became an assistant store manager and then a general manager within just six months. Today he is the chief executive officer and president. He lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky, which is where Papa John’s has its corporate headquarters.

Towards the end of August 2018, he wrote an article about what’s going on at Papa Johns of late. Steve Ritchie wrote that he spent a number of weeks traveling all around the nation so that he could meet many of the franchise owners and the Papa John’s team members. At this company, they have a slogan which is People Are Priority Always, or P.A.P.A. He says that he deeply believes in this slogan and so wanted to hear from those involved with his company directly. His tour was set up to learn about how they feel about the company, what resources they need, and what Papa John’s can do to improve.

The locations that Steve Ritchie visited included ones in Dallas, Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago. He said that he heard from franchise owners who felt that the employees working for them are considered to be a part of their families. The team members talked about interacting with customers and what they thought of the pizza. He also heard from store managers who discussed the nonprofits and local schools they have supported recently.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns says that what he heard from most of the people he talked to was that they want to move this pizza chain forward. He says that he and the rest of the executive team know that the company is ultimately about the customers and the store managers, pizza makers, and delivery drivers. The people who work at Papa John’s locations are part of their local communities and are committed to it. He added that there’s a renewed committed and passion for improving the company and understanding feedback. Go to this site to know about Ritchie’s salary and compensation.

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