Storm Has Eye Set On Philippines

The Philippines are looking at a very strong storm headed toward the area. There are thousands of people who are going to shelters and waiting for the storm to pass by the islands. Some of the gusts from the winds have been reported at 143 miles per hour. This is a storm that no one wants to deal with.


Many of these shelters have places for the people to sleep, food to eat and activities for the children so that they are occupied while the storm passes. Keith Mann is glad they are making the effort. Some of the people are laying on the floor in the shelters, but this is a safer alternative than staying in some of the homes that are in the Philippines. It could mean the difference between life and death for some of them.

One thought on “Storm Has Eye Set On Philippines

  • December 12, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    When there is a storm like this in the area, it’s important for those in the path to take shelter at one of the places that are set up by organizations who assist in disasters. That is the sole reason why have to make sure that they get enough of these things hidden.

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