Straight Talk, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and FreedomPop Mobile Phone Plan Services

Straight Talk Wireless
Straight Talk Wireless offers a great plan for customers that want typical phone service without being tied down to a one year or more phone contract. Straight Talk’s prepaid phone plan contains unlimited phone services of the regular phone services from any major phone carrier. Straight Talk also has a mobile hotspot device available for purchase and use that has the capability to have up to five mobile devices connected to it. Straight Talk Wireless allows for multiple mobile devices to be connected in any place. Straight Talk is a great alternative for a mobile wireless plan for people not wanting to be held down to a contract.

T- Mobile
T- Mobile offers phone plans with all of the regular phone services including unlimited data as long as the data is being used on the T- Mobile Network. Like Straight Talk, T- Mobile has no commitment required phone service contracts. T- Mobile’s data services can also be used internationally in Mexico and Canada. T- Mobile has a 4G Mobile hotspot device available for purchase for mobile devices to connect to. The mobile hotspot devices have the ability to connect to thousands of hotspots throughout the country, and T- Mobile also allows for customers to stream music for free. T- Mobile is a great phone service carrier that offers phone service without any long- term commitment contracts.

Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile offers various different phone service plans with varying data usage limits for customers to choose from. Virgin Mobile’s phone plan services come contract free, and with varying prices from $20 dollars a month to $55 dollars a month. Virgin Mobile also has mobile hotspot devices that offer 4G wireless to customers. These mobile hotspot devices allow for multiple devices to connect for wireless services anywhere in the country all without being tied down to a long- term phone contract.

FreedomPop is an up coming phone carrier originating in the UK that is offering free regular phone services to its customers. The free regular phone services include talk, text, and data usage; but at a limited amount. The services FreedomPop offers customers is available at a low- price when compared to many major phone carriers, and all contract free. The wifi services FreedomPop is offering will be available to customers at first through the apps available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

FreedomPop allows for customers phone services to be accessed through many mobile devices that include tablets. FreedomPop’s phone service plans start at just $20 dollars per month without the signing of a long- term contract. FreedomPop as of now allows customers to connect to about 10 million hotspots throughout the entire United States, and possibly more later on down the road. FreedomPop has multiple mobile hotspots that are available for purchase to allow customers to connect multiple devices to the device, and connect the mobile hotspot device to any of the 10 million hotspots available in the U.S.

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