Success Academy Is New York Cities Top Charter School Program

In 2006, Eva Moskowitz shook the foundation of New York City’s education status quo. By introducing Success Academy Charter Schools to the area, the quality of instruction for the cities youth skyrocketed. Since conception, the charter school network has risen to become the largest and statistically highest performing in the United States. And with admission available to all New York City residents, they now have over fifteen-thousand students in attendance. The schools are so popular that admissions need to be held by random lottery in each April. Operating in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, the forty-six available schools are readily available for anyone in the area.

Success Academy’s name is incredibly apt. Each available program is in the top percentile in the Nation. Math is the top dog, achieving an incredulous top one-percent standing. English and Science aren’t too far behind, featuring two percent and five percent respectively.

This success can easily be attributed to Moskowitz, who is uniquely qualified as leader of the operation. A former school teacher, college professor, and public school parent, Moskowitz has unparalleled insight in the field. This success extends to students requiring additional aid as well. English language learners have been boasting pass rates upwards of ninety percent. Special aid students have similar success, featuring success rates of roughly eighty percent.

Success Academy is also making huge strides in regards to extracurricular activities. With a top tier chess club, enormous yearly science fair, and dozens of arts programs, self-discovery is clearly at the forefront of Success Academies mission statement. All of this has lead to Success Academy receiving a laundry list of accolades, least of which College board certification. If any parent in the New York City area is looking for a quality education for their child, Success Academy is the obvious choice.

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