Success tips from Mike Baur for your first-year startup venture

With over 200,000 registered businesses in Switzerland and a host of non-listed business, and numerous other entities dropping up every year, there is no doubt that the business world is not for the faint-hearted. But if you are among the lot that is daring enough to venture into this realm, then you need to have the necessary resources to succeed.


Unfortunately, there aren’t enough resources for every aspiring entrepreneur. Firstly, there is an acute shortage of capital, especially in the developing countries. Secondly, most of the aspiring entrepreneurs lack the much-needed mentorship to run their businesses.


Mike Baur, a successful, young entrepreneur from Switzerland understands the challenges facing most of the upcoming entrepreneurs. Mike started his career in the banking industry where he spent the next two decades providing capital to startups and monitoring their performance. At this time, Mike created a strong network of investors and entrepreneurs. He has helped in establishing numerous successful businesses in Switzerland, some that have grown to become multimillion dollar entities.


In 2014, Mike Baur quit employment to establish Swiss Startup Factory. This is a company that offers financial support, mentorship and office space to startups in Switzerland. Besides being involved in the day-to-day running of the company, Mike also takes time to engage with entrepreneurs through conferences and also on his blog.

In one of his articles, Mike Baur offers powerful tips to entrepreneurs on how to establish successful startups. Mike believes that the key to the success of any business venture is proper planning. He notes that for every startup, an entrepreneur needs to have a clear goal in mind.


Mike, however, notes that having a goal without a plan is useless. Once an entrepreneur sets up their goals, they need to establish a plan of how to accomplish the goals. Mike notes that this is the point where a host of startups fail.

Before pitching your million dollar idea to the world, it is essential first to pause, think and create a strategy of how you will achieve the desired results. While planning, you may need to set up a qualified team to help strategize and achieve the desired results.


After establishing your business, then the next step is to advertise your business. No one will be interested to ask what you do if you don’t tell them. The most important thing here is to make your business visible to the world. Fortunately, there are a host of platforms that can help you achieve this.


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