Sujit Choudhry Dedicates Paragraph In His Latest Book To An Eric Holder Tweet

As an internationally renowned constitutional scholar, Law Professor Sujit Choudhry recently wrote about a tweet in one of the chapters of his latest book. He called this chapter, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?” and it was mainly about a tweet former US Attorney General Eric Holder had made about Trump terminating the White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller ( Holder had called any possible termination as an “absolute red line” that would have to met by masses of citizens in the streets peacefully protesting against this.

Choudhry took this statement apart and examined it throughout the chapter. He said that there were two contexts to this tweet. The first one focuses on a symbolic “red line” which Choudhry defined as an uncontroversial constitutional boundary under the American democratic system. The other context he wrote was that it is the right of American citizens to decide if any government official has abused their constitutional authority and in doing so went past that boundary. If they decide this transgression did occur regular citizens get to decide how it is resolved, whether the transgression will be upheld or reversed.

He also wrote about presidents trying to use tactics such as declaring a state of emergency in order to stay past the time they are allowed in office under that country’s constitution. He said that would speak to a failure of democracy and must also be met by peaceful protesting and the acting of government officials to force a president to step down.

Sujit Choudhry specialty is comparative constitutional law. He has taught this subject at law schools in both Canada and America, including presently at the University of California, Berkeley. Related article on  He also acts as the founding director of the Center For Constitutional Transitions which assists emerging democracies with their efforts to build a workable constitution.

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He is currently working with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. Sujit Choudhry co-heads three research projects which are being collaborated globally with other constitutional scholars. He is also a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster which helps is an organization that helps create peace between different parties.


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