Supporting Fresh Ideas And College Funds

Charles Koch is well known for developing Koch Industries to rise from $21 million to its estimated current value of about $100 billion, which is quite an accomplishment! Although he enjoys his success, he also is a huge supporter of public policy and academic studies. For 50 years plus, he has helped to create many organizations whose main goal is emphasizing education, research, policy, shedding enlightenment on a free society and providing educational assistance.

In 1974 the Cato Institute was created by Koch, along with Ed Crane and Murray Rothbard. With its headquarters in Washington, D.C., one of its goals is to ensure that American civil liberties are protected. They also provide answers for issues facing the American economy within the private sector. The Cato Institute often hosts various policy events and provides lectures that are very interesting and educational. Several days a week you can particulate in discussions to make you think outside of the box.

Also funded and developed by Koch is his Summer Fellow Program that mentors and enlists young libertarians. Known as the Charles Koch Institute, this organization ensures that the development of entrepreneurship is allowed so individuals with a passion can grow and develop fresh ideas. The institute regularly holds classes that cover topics such as what it means to actually labor in the world of libertarian non-profits. The discussions are thought provoking while the invited policy speakers are first rate, warranting stimulating conversation and ideas from the group.

Not only does Charles Koch ensure that young people’s ideas and skills are supported at the Koch Institute, but he provides opportunities for individuals in need to attend college. In a recent article appearing on, readers learned just how generous the Koch brothers are. In the year 2014 alone $23.4 million and more was provided by various private foundations which are steered by the Koch family. No longer is the current economy based on manufacturing, but the U.S. economy now focused on knowledge, so today’s higher education is often compared to the high school diploma 30 years ago. Going to college provides a gateway for opportunity and great options. An education and its curriculum can stimulate a mind to consider new ideas, creative thinking and ask needed questions. The Koch brothers understand how college costs are on the rise, so they make sure that a college education is available to those who desire it.

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