Taking OSI Group to the world-class level

The OSI Group is expanding every day. Its status in the food industry continues to escalate by acquiring other food industries that auger well with the OSI Group’s values and objectives. They offer the best solutions and high-quality products in the food industry. The company has acquired seven new facilities for processing in many areas across the globe.

The OSI Group does not only want to grow in capacity but also in the development of the products they offer. It plans on partnering with their consumers to develop products that can lead to the growth of their business. OSI increased sales through encouraging its suppliers. The process of partnering with the clients helps OSI to supply them with what they want, ranging from organic and natural foods.

OSI Group ensures that its food is always tasty and healthy. It’s offering a variety of food to choose from, and that makes them remain significant to their clients. Their growth plan allows them to sell to 16 countries outside the United States.

For continued business growth, OSI purchased a former Tyson Foods plant based in Chicago. The company was involved in processing beef products like hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, meatballs, along with other vegetable items, as well as poultry and pork products. Forbes ranks OSI among some of the largest clandestinely owned companies.

OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe to supply to new clients in their expanding market. This acquisition also created a broader presence on the continent while ensuring the company sustained the changing demands of the market. It was a major boost t to the OSI processing ability.

The company’s expansion was further felt in Europe when Baho Food, a Dutch-based processor of convenience foods, snacks, and meat joined OSI Group. Baho with several subsidiaries helped expand the operations of the OSI Group into Netherlands and 18 countries across Europe.

OSI Group has mainly focused on global growth but still maintaining its headquarters in Aurora. OSI supports the belief that global companies are still local. Local businesses can withstand the government regulations and cultural differences. For more info about us: https://www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/ click here.

Sheldon Lavin is the one behind the development and expansion of OSI Group. Sheldon is a scholar in accounting and finance. His academic background motivated him to own a business. His dream for the company was to take it to a world-class level. Innovation has always been his thing, but it was boosted from his work at OSI.

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