Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Mixes Business With Philanthropy

Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company maintains its headquarters in Florida, the state in which Bob was raised.Talk Fusion is a leader in the video technology market. Its products are distributed through direct selling methods, with the efforts of more than 200,000 direct sales representatives. Bob is an innovative marketer. His company has witnessed a great deal of success with the direct selling method of marketing.


After graduating from the University of South Florida, and he is still a Florida resident, Bob Reina served on the police department, as a police officer, for many years. He enjoys helping others, and Bob is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. While running his global company, Bob spends a great deal of his time and money performing charitable acts for people in all walks of life. To Bob, it is not just about contributing money, but instead giving of his time and himself to make a difference. Bob Reina is a positive thinker. He knows that each day he will accomplish what he sets out to do, and a great deal of what he wants to do is to give back. One of the methods Bob uses to start off his day in a positive manner comes down to two words. Everyday, Bob Reina tells himself “I will” do this action, or accomplish that goal today. The two simple words guide his day accordingly. Learn more:


Bob has achieved a great deal of success in his career and his life. He believes in hard work and years of dedication bring success into one’s life, and that is what makes the difference.








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