Talk Fusion Launches the Talk Fusion App

For those who may be totally unaware of the latest ingenious concept that has taken the world of marketing development by storm, let it be known that Talk Fusion is at the center of it all. But first, one must fully understand exactly what Talk Fusion is. Well, for starters, let it be known that Talk Fusion is a global network marketing company that was founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina with the business intent to make marketing more relatable and easy to use by both companies and individuals around the world. Therefore, using his 25+ years of marketing intel and experience, Bob Reina invested his time into the development of a very direct, yet engaging marketing tool—the world’s first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. The all-in-one Video Marketing Solution is a tool that grants entrepreneurs and any business seeking to promote their products or services the opportunity to do so via video communication. Since debuting in 2007, Talk Fusion has been on a constant rise (available in over 140 countries) and Reina has continued to push the company to implement new marketing strategies.


As of recently, Talk Fusion has had the privilege of introducing their newest tool to the world—a video chat app. According to the company, The Talk Fusion App will still allow businesses and individuals to use video email, but in a way that will allow them to connect with their contacts more easily and readily via download to Apple and Android devices. Features and upgrades for the Talk Fusion app include picture messaging, chat room set-up capability, vivid image quality, unlimited messaging, ad-free service downloads on mobile devices, the option to do live recordings or upload old videos, a variety of app templates, a sleek and appealing design, and fast performance. Yet, out of all the features, the most essential feature would be the ability to use the app for personal calls to family and friends.


Nevertheless, the company believes that these new features and functions will allow the user to stand out amongst their competition in the business world with a unique marketing edge. Having the ability to produce video marketing campaigns from various locations automatically encompasses one with the potential to be more resourceful with their time management in the promotion of their business. In so saying, Talk Fusion firmly believes that their app will allow users to be more engaging, thus, enabling users to draw more traffic to their videos. This new means of entrepreneurial encouragement is indeed deemed to be the solution in a modern society devoid of accessible marketing creativity; hence, being the reason why Talk Fusion stands behind their product 100% and is ready to make the app available to the masses. Learn more:

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