Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is becoming a Global Phenomena

Talk Fusion Video Chat has already become a communication program sensation in most countries all over the world. This is irrespective of it being only officially launched a couple of weeks ago. According to AppBrain, which is an Android Market discovery platform, Video Chat is currently the leading communication application in Indonesia. The app also ranks fifth in Japan and twentieth in Switzerland. Such instant popularity can be attributed to its smartness, fastness and compatibility with any gadget, be it android, Mac, PC, tablet or Apple.

This recent triumph is only the beginning as Talk Fusion shows no signs of slowing down. International excitement is building up as the firm gears up to launch a highly anticipated free trial that will be limited to 30 days. In actual fact, over the previous 3 months, Alexa web ranking shows that Talk Fusion has been able to vault over 30,000 positions. This is attributable to the significant leap in traffic data from page views and Unique visitors.

With the incredible support from customers and associates all over the world, the vice president of Training and Development, Allison Roberts, sees the success of Video Chat as a foreshadow of a mightier impact that free trials will have on the market. “Just check at the results that we have garnered from just a single product and the momentum that surrounds it,” highlighted Roberts. “One can only imagine of the success that we will have upon launching free trials of every product that we produce; the possibilities are without doubt endless, and I have no doubts that very soon everyone will get to know of Talk Fusion.”

The app, Video Chat, is currently available at zero cost in Google Play and iTunes stores. Upon the launch of the Free Trial program, interested individuals will sign up via a personalized associate join site or else directly from the corporate website,

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. By choosing Talk Fusion, you will be joined by a talented team of IT experts, marketing specialists and developers who will support and guide you through every step. They help their customers get tangible results and grow their ventures through a one-on-one training, customized designs, and marketing resources that are tailored to your brand.

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