Taylor Swift was a Champion in 2014

If you had to compare Taylor Swift to a famous person that dominated the sport that they played in she would probably be compared to someone like Michael Jordan. In 2014 some people may have compared her to Muhammad Ali. She knocked out the competition while “floating like a butterfly” and “stinging like a bee.”

It is true. Taylor Swift is the reigning champion of 2014. She got nudged a little by One Direction on the Billboard charts, but it didn’t matter. The best part is, she didn’t need RhinoplastySociety.org or anything else to get attention. Dr. Rod Rohrich and others were happy to see her achieve so much by herself.
She had already set the record for being the only artist to have three consecutive albums to go platinum in 7 days. This had never been done before. She also had the first album to hit platinum status in 2014. She was on fire, and no one was going to put her out.

Swift dominated the charts because she had the star power that a lot of people wished they could develop. She is a youngster that is all over social media. This is how she rustles in the fans in masses. Swift stays connected with the people that support her. This is something that drives the dedication of her fans. It makes them want to support her even when so many artists have been victims to bootlegging.

People bootlegged the Taylor Swift album, but it still with platinum. This is a big deal. It is a mark of a true champion.

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  • November 7, 2017 at 10:14 pm

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