Teen Pregnancy Has Come Down but Is Still a Big Problem for Minorities


Teen pregnancy has been a persistent social problem. Mothers having children when they are barely out in the world themselves contributes to controversial things like higher abortion rates. The good news, however, is that teen pregnancies have gone down over the past couple decades and perhaps not coincidentally, so have abortion rates. The reduction in this problem was mainly fueled by a combination of education and contraception. While this change is viewed with much hope and promise for a bright future regarding this problem, it is also the case that minorities are still getting pregnant when in their teens at a higher rate than whites. Some changes to the educational strategies that would be more effective in reaching out to minorities may be needed.

AnastasiaDate has shown, it is a persistent mystery why certain people who are against abortion and teen pregnancy can be against contraception. This seems to be a problem mainly on the right in American politics. It would seem that those who want to see fewer abortions should be advocating contraception from the highest rooftops. Yet, the only thing many on the right seem to advocate is abstinence. As if trying to ignore sex will work in countering thousands of years of evolutionary reproductive urges. However, that may be part of the problem. Many who believe abstinence to be a workable solution for teen pregnancy do not believe in evolution. It is sad when certain elements in our society can be the worst enemy in solving some of its problems.

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