The Advanced Procedures of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Nanhealth and Allscripts are enabling the Cancer Treatments Centers of America a seamless workflow consisting of all Allscript’s electronic health records. They are enabling this through their Clinical Pathways program that offers more efficient treatment options with an advanced workflow. The process involves viewing a large amount of data collected over time that is indicative of past medical treatments.

Up to date data helps accomplish better treatment practices for patients through efficient regimens available from tried practices and the resulting collected data. Regimens seek to be specific to the patient. Clinical Pathways was produced to improve quality and efficiency in treatment. The efficiency of the program provides the possible invaluable benefit of expediting patient treatments.

Through a library of past medical findings, more advanced treatment solutions are made available for practice consumption. The platform allows medical professionals objective data that simply helps identify better medical practices for new patients. The peer to peer library is readily available and is accessible at all CTCA locations.

Boca Raton Florida is home of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The organization consists of five locations all located in major cities. These cities being Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. They all offer precise cancer care solutions.

Each center employs highly qualified medical professionals equipped with the advancement treatment technology available through the Clinical Pathways platform. The Clinical Pathways Technology offers innovative solutions and efficiently aids patients while better guiding treatment. The CTCA utilizes this technology to better serve it’s patients and to better assist their employees in going forth in the most effective medical treatments.

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