The Avaaz Project for Peace

The promotion for peace comes from many different organizations that uses positive civil actions through social media and other forms of communication in a response to overcome the povety, corruption, and other negative conduct throughout the world. The influential group, called Avaaz, founded by Ricken Patel, consists of civil idealists from around the world, whom have come together with a mission to encourage such peaceful compromise. Their team consists of members from over 30 countries, providing cultural variety and diversity to their campaigns. This supportive group promotes their encouraging campaigns globally in hopes of sending a sending strong positive message to people of all nations. From proving certain stereotypes false to actively providing a voice for others that can’t publicly do so, Avaaz successfully lends helping hands throughout the Organization.
Avaaz strives to create uplifting content and imagery to ultimately pave a successful future for generations to come. The Organization does many things including offering legal advice to those determined to take their campaigns forward. The organization is active in communities providing sit-ins, rallies and other media friendly attempts. Avaaz not only promotes campaigns to successfully progress the community, but also speaks on problems that concern the world and the future of the earth. Global climate change and building a larger and better global support entity for refugees has always been a goal. This Organization is the epitome of generosity, as the funding comes mainly from the internal individual members who have raised over $20 million.
Avaaz is a successful organization that has and will continue to promote positivity throughout the world. From the campaigns to actively voicing strong and positive opinions, the organization grows in structure and continues reach those in need. The influence that surrounds this origination remains strong and soon should reach the minds of everyone.

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