The Blind Vote

Since the Civil Rights era African Americans have stood strong with the Democratic Party. Why? Why is it still this way? The Democratic Party has affected black Americans in many ways just as the Republican Party has, but the continued support for this party makes me wonder what exactly is different.

I believe we can go back in history and see up to this point how black Americans have been left out in many ways. Maybe it was that the south in the Civil War was Republican, or maybe they felt the need to choice between the two powers. We have to recognize that during the worst times for blacks in this country they were simply alone. They lacked support from either side and endured a struggle that very few had experienced. They were the bartering chip in labor and development that at the time did no good for their own success.

A very important point in history must be acknowledged. The black vote has been heavily sought after but rarely gain a return in resources and support for the demographic. Most candidates come up with a pitch to catch the eye of black voters, as they know the black vote is prevalent to winning elections. What has changed for black Americans by standing strong with the Democratic Party? I think we can recognize from the black voter turnout in the recent presidential election that more and more are sitting out and not voting. Have they lost hope? The black vote has been abused for decades upon decades and they have come to realize this same fact. In the recent Alabama election the point has come to the forefront. They came out to support Doug Jones. How will you support them? Knowledge and enlightenment are at an all time high from millennials and past generations. Your text to link…

It is time that the black American take a hard look at which party they support, if any at all. The evidence is there showing how the candidates they have supported did not return the same support. I believe it is now time to start thinking about the Progressive and Green Party. The decade long support given to the Democratic Party now has to be seriously questioned, and a hard look in the mirror from black Americans needs to take place. The time is now for change and every black individual in society must rethink their outlook on current politics and politicians.

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