The Chainsmokers is Unstoppable in 2018 with ‘Sick Boy’

The Chainsmokers, the famous DJ and production duo from the United States, have no stop since they started their performance journey in 2012. The duo’s, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, latest single, Sick Boy is reportedly creating waves across the world. The song released on January 17, 2018, got a warm response from the loyal listeners of the duo as it can be explained as an audio drug for the fans. It is a feisty dance rock song came out from the Disruptor Records label of the duo. It is not the first time the Chainsmokers is generating such a kind of rave response in the music industry.

Almost the same time last year, the duo came up with their first debut studio album named “Memories…Do Not Open” and made the music lovers crazy with the singles. Interestingly, the songs “Something Just Like This” and “Paris” were showcasing the talent of both the artists. Interestingly, both the songs were listed as favorites in Top 40 radio as well as got excellent views on the YouTube channel. When it comes to “Sick Boy,” it is another great thematic track that takes the listeners beyond imagination.

In reality, the song digs something deep than any disease or chronic health conditions. The sickness the song try to cover is all about the society and identity crisis created due to social media exposure. Interestingly, Alex Pall gave more lights into the lyrics of the song. It discusses the Narcissism that is present in the society, social media platform, and more. Pall thinks that it is not a really bad thing, and people should figure out it as something they present themselves to the world. Importantly, it is a necessary evil while communicating with people in today’s world.

Apart from the audio version, the video song also released on the same day. Interestingly, the video song received a thunderous response from the music lovers as it already crossed 100 million views per the recent data. While coming to the duo, their break came in 2014 after releasing the song “#Selfie,” which listed as Top 20 in many countries around the world.

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