The Current Liberal and Democratic Party News

Liberal and Democratic parties are two major contemporary political parties in the United States. The people supporting the Liberal party are the conservatives while those supporting the Democratic Party are the Republicans. The current president Donald Triumph was the elect under the Liberal Party. Hence, the Democratic Party remains as the opposition party.

Liberal Party

The liberal party is the minor American political party. It is well under the support of conservatives specifically in New York. It is a platform that supports liberal social policies like universal health care and increased spending in the education sector.

The origin of the liberal party traces back to 1944, during its foundation as an alternative to the American Labor party. It is currently the acting party in the United States national government after winning the 2016 elections. However, it remains as the party with the least number of worn presidential positions since its beginning.

The liberal party has foreseen the achievement of several strategies. One current progress is allowing of electoral fusion by the New York State politics. It is an accomplishment plan since a candidate through the liberal party can be a nominee of multiple political parties, and the votes are in different ballot lines.

Democratic Party

Democratic Party is the party that ushered in Barack Obama as the first African American president of United States in the 2009 elections. It is the party with minority members in the current national government. The Democratic Party traces its start to 1790’s. It is the party with the most number of presidents since its commencement.

The Democratic Party is currently the watchdog of the current government led by Donald Triumph. The party lost to the liberal candidate in 2016 elections. The running candidates under the party were Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. However, the party members are optimistic that they will win the next elections.

Despite the differences in leadership and support of the two operating United States parties, they remain as a source of unity to the USA residents. The integration is developing because residents come together in support of the Parties especially during the general elections.

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