The Cycle Continues

Whats different now? I say that to express the consistency in appointing cabinet positions our president has shown throughout his time in office. Many questioned his decision making while building his cabinet from the beginning. It is evident that he will continue to do what he wants, outside of what logical reasoning is. He lives in his own world that is not connected to us at all. With that said, I accept it. He has continued to select unqualified candidates for major leadership roles, and by now it is no surprise.

We can think that there is some type of criteria that is used to picking cabinet members. At this point, it is time to throw it all out the window. The hiring of Jeff Session caused many eyebrows to raise. That has gone well so far…Not! Optimism says, “it’s OK lets be patient.”
He deserves a chance. Betsy Devos come on down. Lacking adequate qualifications was only the beginning. The funny part is the overall lack of reference to the positions they were hired for. After being given these positions by the president these two were pretty much oblivious in the following press conferences. Think back to when Betsy was asked about how she would improve the failing public education system in America. Her response simply was, a voucher program. We know what followed.
I feel we can get passed it all and just understand that this is not normal. We now know from continuous examples that for Trump, there is no routine or criteria to go off of. He will hire who he pleases, friends, business partners, and whomever wins heads or tails. Your text to link…

Overall, I don’t want to disrespect the oval office. I will simply say that I think it is time to set Trump out to pasture. He is not mentally capable of doing his job. Lets make a decision as a country to relieve him of his duties and allow him to live the rest of his days in peace. He shows consistent signs of not really caring about his sworn duties. I wonder, how much blame can really go on Trump? His mind is not there anymore.

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