The Democratic Party Is Not Functioning Properly

The Democratic Party as an organization is not working out, so says Business Insider. The Party is coming off a so-called “unity tour” that featured Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez going around the country preaching their common message.


The problem with this whole thing is that the members of the Party see this as nothing more than obvious pandering, and they do not appreciate being talked down to in this way. It is an issue that the Party is going to have to work out if it wants to be competitive in future elections including those that are to be held in 2018.


Senator Sanders who is wildly popular with younger people and generally popular with the American people as a whole has said that the Democratic Party is not working. He is embarrassed that they were not able to win a national election against the least popular major party candidate to every run for President. As such, he wants to see the Party work to restructure itself so that something like that can never happen again.


Those who were supporters of Bernie Sanders are of course huge fans of this idea. They would like to see the Party take shape in a way that better represents their own views. They feel as though the Party left them behind in favor of chasing corporate and donor money. They do not believe that the Party represents the working class person anymore.


Sanders polls as the most favorably viewed politician in the whole country and has a lot of pull with certain groups as a result. Plus, he is not afraid to step on the toes of those who are already in power within his own party. He did so when he refused to endorse Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in his special election in Georgia. The Democratic Party sees this as a very winnable race, but Sanders was not ready to jump on board with the endorsement of this candidate because of policy differences.


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