The Democratic Party Sues Trump Campaign, Wikileaks and Russia

The Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit against the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, the Russian government and Wikileaks. The Democratic Party is claiming that there was a three-way conspiracy to hamper the campaign of Hillary Clinton and cause the 2016 election to be won by Donald Trump. The Democratic Party is seeking millions of dollars in damages from the defendants.

According to the Democratic Party lawsuit, the party’s websites were hacked by the Russians seeking information regarding Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This information was given to Wikileaks for dissemination, and it was given to the Trump campaign to use as it saw fit to boost its chances at winning the election.

The Democrats are contending that there was an illegal conspiracy and collusion to disrupt the American election. These are among the charges that are currently being investigated by Robert Mueller.

The Democratic Party may have difficulties with the suit as far as Russia is concerned. As a general rule, foreign governments are considered to be immune from lawsuits brought by citizens or organizations from other nations. The Democratic Party contends that they have the right to sue the Russians since they committed what would be considered a criminal offence of hacking the private property of the party.

There is precedent in United States law for a political party to sue the campaign of the opposing party. The Democratic National Committee brought a lawsuit against the Nixon campaign as a result of the revelations that came out of the Watergate situation. That lawsuit did not ultimately go to trial. However, the Nixon campaign did settle out of court for a sum of $750,000.

The Trump campaign, and several Republican organizations, are dismissing the lawsuit as being totally political in nature. President Trump continues to deny that there was any collusion between his campaign and the Russian government.

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