The Globe Walkman Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is an American entrepreneur who has learned the art of balancing traveling and work among other things. Glen went to the University of Chicago and the University of Scranton. After completing his studies, he joined General Electric where he stayed until 2006. While at General Electric, Glen started General Electric Money Latin America a very new division. This division rose from one to over 17,000 employers in nine countries. Glen had worked in 32 states and lived in six different countries when he worked at General Electric. He became the Chief Executive Officer of Launchpad Holdings from 2006 when he founded it. He began Launchpad Holdings when more people kept coming for professional business advice from him. His primary approach is based on the foundation of the company and how their businesses work. Glen has a five-step methodology that helps align the entrepreneur’s ideas. The steps are the marketing strategy, the operations of the company, the talent of the employees, the financial plans and lastly the risk management.

In insight, the five-step methodology tackles all areas of the business. The marketing strategy concerns the customer, and it seeks to answer the questions ‘what the business has to offer’ and ‘why the customer needs it.’ In the operations step, all that matters is ‘how the owners plan to execute their ideas.’ In the third step, the entrepreneur takes time to evaluate their talents and abilities and see if there is need of looking for a business partner or advisor to carry out the business plans. One is also required to do a financial analysis of the business to determine the cash flow to know if you are making gains or losses. The final step is risk management, and it requires you to analyze their plans for any faults and deal with the most critical ones to avoid unnecessary predicament.

Glen Wakeman has accredited the success of his career to the different perspectives of dealing with issues he has learned from people in different countries. Traveling helps improve social skills, creativity and even relieves stress. Glen Wakeman emphasizes that geographical difference is not a problem since technology has made things easy for us. One of the places he learned a lot and enjoyed the most in Thailand.

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