The GOP Is Ready To Give Brett Kavanaugh The Keys To The Supreme Court But America Wants The Locks Changed

The Supreme Court is, in the eyes of most Americans, legal Utopia. It is the measuring stick for justice. And it is a safe place for people who believe the lower court system didn’t rule in their favor. Supreme Court Justices rule the country when they sit in that court. Justices make decisions that impact the lives of everyday people who have a beef about their treatment by the lower courts.

Most Supreme Court Justices have the focus to be unbiased, and invested in the legal process. Justices go through a confirmation process that lets all the ghosts fly out from under their black robes before they take a seat on the Supreme Court. But that confirmation process went off the rails this year.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing turned into a trial by the people, when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford claimed Kavanaugh assaulted her in high school. Dr. Ford’s memory of the incident was sketchy, but that was okay with the GOP Senators on the Judiciary Committee that didn’t want to know her full story in the first place. Her credible testimony sent Kavanaugh’s nomination into a tailspin, so Trump finally got the FBI involved.

But Trump wasn’t about to let his nominee go because of a psychology professor’s testimony, so he tied the FBI’s hands. The FBI went on a mission to get to the truth, but the truth wasn’t the GOP or Trump’s mission. The FBI investigation was a smoke screen that did little to shed any real light of Ford’s allegations. Trump wanted a smoke screen, and the FBI gave him what he wanted. The investigation gave Trump the half-baked results he wanted.

Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t unlike other high school and college boys who drank beer and acted like pillaging and plundering Vikings. But according to his old college drinking buddies, Kavanaugh was a blind-running drunk who had an mean side to his drunken persona. Kavanaugh claims he still drinks beer, and he is proud of it, even though his beer drinking and rebel-rousing cost him his reputation. A reputation he spent years developing.

The backlash that’s coming if the Senate approves his nomination will change the course of the American justice system, according to legal experts. Brett Kavanaugh’s dream may come true. But most American think the nomination process and his pending confirmation is a nightmare.

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