The Influential Life of Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch is an American scholar and author who was born in Los Angeles California in 1959. As a graduate of Loyola High School in southern California, Veitch went on to attend Stanford University where he received his bachelor’s degree. Veitch would eventually earn his doctorate in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University.

Veitch chose to specialize in academia which included 19th & 20th century American literature, American cultural history, and American film. This field of influence would serve him well as he eventually penned the award-winning American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s.

Jonathan Veitch’s educational career spanned the nation with stops in New York, Wisconsin, and California. Veitch served as the dean of the New School’s Eugene Lang College in NY, carried on his expertise as a professor at the University of Wisconsin, and eventually became the president of Occidental College where he currently serves.

Occidental College might be most well known as being the liberal arts campus in Eagle Rock where President Barack Obama attended for two years of his educational career. But since Veitch’s hiring as president in 2009, changes at Occidental have become common found.

When Veitch took over, the 2,000-student campus had suffered from years of internal leadership mishaps and was positioned next to the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles. The new president sought improvements in stability by immediately limiting the expansion of the campus in response to growing concerns over intrusion into the surrounding neighborhoods. In addition, also known as being an effective fundraiser, Veitch helped to develop and fun a 1 megawatt solar array that is responsible for generating a portion of the campus’s energy supply to this day.

Part of Veitch’s interest in Occidental College is its location in Los Angeles. Veitch is convinced that re-engagement with the surrounding area will revitalize Occidental’s position. “It has Los Angele at its doorstep and all kinds of cultural institutions that the students could really take advantage of, “he said.

Before Veitch’s ascension to president of the college, Occidental had previously gone through four presidents since 2005. Their excitement is palpable given the fact that the new president is a born and raised Californian with Los Angeles ties. Currently Vietch sides in the Annenberg President’s House located on the Occidental campus.

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