The Iron Fish: a Simple but Extraordinary Invention

The iron fish, invented by Dr. Christopher Charles, has surprised the world by it’s success in improving the health of many sufferers of anemia in Cambodia, due to iron deficiency.

When Charles was in Cambodia in the villages of Kandal providence performing research as a graduate student, he noticed that the majority of inhabitants were facing health problems associated with anemia, especially children, teenage girls and pregnant women. Delayed physical development for example in teenagers was common, including miscarriages. It was so severe that the villagers were even having difficulty perform their daily tasks.

Dr. Charles learned during his research about the role of mineral absorption of foods when cooked in cast iron pans. This brought him hope and inspiration, and others like Ivan Ong took note. Conventional methods involved for instance dispersing supplements in the form of pills to villagers. Such methods were found to be unpractical and inefficient. They were not too accessible and even caused side effects.

The small iron lump in the shape of a fish species popularly consumed by Cambodians became perfect due to its affordability, simplicity, and representation of Cambodian culture, especially since this fish represents luck. The iron of the object is released by boiling it in liquid. Many Cambodians boil it in fish soup, a popular food in their culture.

Years have passed since Dr. Charles introduced the iron fish, and thousands of natives have been helped since then. The scientific community is surprised by the current results. Many sufferers of anemia have even showed no signs of iron deficiency within just a couple of using the item. And now the Lucky Iron Fish, founded after he’s invention, has distributed this item to thousands of hospitals and some organizations concerned with public health.

Lucky Iron Fish is on the mission of helping other developing countries as well, were populations are prone to malnutrition. This wonderful invention, although very simple, will now be able to help other sufferers around the world who are suffering from anemia, like it did with poor Cambodian villagers.

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