The Kavanaugh Confirmation Debacle Is An American History-Making Moment

Just when the world thought Donald Trump couldn’t cause more political confusion, he pulled a Supreme Court nominee out of his bag of conservative tricks, and it looks like he’s carrying a lot of old baggage. The old baggage Bret Kavanaugh carries is up for debate. The world has a front row seat for this subtle debate. Kavanaugh gets a chance to defend the baggage that may bring his dream of becoming a Supreme Court judge to an end before it starts.

Kavanaugh is a Washington insider by all accounts. He’s been around American politics most of his lawyer life, so he’s used to the political mud that flows through Washington even when it’s not raining. But the mud he’s waist deep in right now could be the quicksand that forces his demise.

Bret Kavanaugh has a lot of explaining to do, even though he been explaining his lily-white high school days for weeks. The only issue with his stone-faced explanations is they don’t jive with the facts, according to Christine Blasey Ford, and the two other women who claim Kavanaugh was too wild for his own good in his youth. Kavanaugh, and the Senators who want to push him through the confirmation process claim Dr. Ford, and the other women don’t have their facts straight. According to Kavanaugh, he was the good boy, the virgin, who went to mass every Sunday. He respects women and always has, according to his wife.

The typical confirmation process is more of a job interview than anything else. But Kavanaugh’s confirmation process is more trial than a job interview. Bret has to convince the world he’s that Catholic boy who drank a few beers on the weekend but didn’t cross the line at drunken parties. He’s got to show he’s not the guy who tried to get too up close and personal with unsuspecting girls.

The Republican Senators who are long in the tooth, and short on #MeToo facts already believe Kavanaugh. And President Trump claims Kavanaugh is a saint dressed light a DC circuit court judge. But even though the Republicans believe they can force Kavanaugh on the American people, the Democrats and people around the world think he’s better off slithering back to his judgeship seat in Washington.

The Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford hearing is more than a hearing. It is a defining moment in American history. It is the moment when the world sees what Washington politics is now and what it will be in the future.


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