The Koch Brothers Agenda for the 2016 election cycle

The 2016 election cycle was supposed to see the Koch group succeed in their mission to get a Republican into the White House. But the millions of dollars raised and their main goal are now at risk. They now have to think about if they will be taking on Donald Trump before they take on Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Fundamentally the Koch brothers went against being part of the primary elections because they was no one who’s views aligned with their own. Actually the closest set of views was held by Rand Paul who unfortunately dropped out of the race on Wednesday. There have been talks for months that the Koch group wanted to split some of their large amounts of funds to start a campaign that would ideally target Donald Trump. Inspire of being at risk of pushing out some of their own members who were in support of Donald Trump. The officials at the Koch group say they will be going ahead with this plan depending on how the primary elections turn out. The Ted Cruz recent win on Monday will have been a relief to the Koch’s.

Charles Koch has been married to his wife Liz Koch since 1972 has two children with her. Charles as well as his 3 brothers have all suffered a great deal from prostate cancer and has been known to rarely give media interviews and keeps to himself. In 2011 the TIME Magazine said that the Koch brothers, David and Charles Koch are among the most influential people. This list includes many captains of industry, activists, reformers and researchers as well as heads of state. The brothers are committed to free market principles. These include the development and growth of their business and their support for political candidates and liberty minded organizations.

Charles Koch has received many awards which include an honorary doctor of science from the George Mason University, an Honorary Doctor of Commerce from the Washburn University, an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the Babson College as well as the President’s Medal from Wichita State University. Charles Koch continues to act as the director of Koch Industries and has done so since 1982. He is also the director of Invista which is a fiber and resin company and the Georgia-Pacific LLC which makes pulp and paper products.

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