The life of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna worked very hard for the life that he has and works every day to make sure that patients are taken care of.

Dr. Mark McKenna worked hard for the things that he got in life and when Katrina hit he lost all of his business interest. This was when he learned to help the people who like him lost everything when the storm hit. He worked with the low-mild income families to get the things they needed back. After this took place he relocated to Atlanta GA where he then launched ShapeMed which happened to be a wellness and aesthetic practice.

In the year 2017, he works with OVME which is a consumer-facing, medical company that is reinventing healthcare as we know it today. He also served as a board member of the Jazz festival in New Orleans. The idea of OVME came from him working in several different healthcare related industries after 10 years of practice. When he decided to sell the company it was one of the largest companies he then sold it to a publicly traded company. This was when he saw that there were several different times to disrupt the industry. But there were not many people who worked to make the company have any hard times. Dr. Mark McKenna worked hard for the things he got in his life and when he made his company one of the largest he felt like he had done something with his life.

As of today, Dr. Mark McKenna has a daughter who he loves to eat within the morning before work while his daughter’s mom sleeps in for a little while. He brings many different ideas to the table and when he has no solution he tends to meditate for a short time along with making a goal for himself.

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