The Long-Awaited JFK Files

It appears that so called ‘political correctness’ and what many outside the Beltway reference as ‘The Washington Establishment’ have found one more way to put President Donald Trump in the hot seat by shedding a cloud of doubt relative to his actions associated with the long awaited release of the JFK files.

To add fuel to the fire beneath the hot seat, it is being suggested that the 2,800 documents that were released are not as important as the 300 documents President Trump withheld in the interest of national security. The fact that history aficionados are voicing objections to the president’s decision leaves one to wonder how much former President George H.W. Bush knew about their contents relative to national security 25 years ago back in 1991.

Based upon October 27, 2017 wire service reports, Oliver Stone’s JFK movie will probably be the hottest item on request at movie rental sites and vintage merchandise businesses as innuendos regarding FBI, CIA and military activity fly high once more in the face of reports maintaining the need for JFK files ‘silence requests’ were landing on the oval office desk as late noon yesterday.

In the words of Russian leader Putin, Trump won the election and every American needs to respect him whether or not they voted for him. While on a daily basis, Trump is criticized for thinking and acting outside the Washington Establishment box; even when he does acquiesce, he garners criticism not just from Capitol Hill and Federal agencies but from people across America and around the world.

In the aftermath of the Watergate scandal, one vernacular verbiage “Who knew what and when did they know it” relative to the JFK files, will probably be heard once again via national evening newscasts, newspapers issued in cities and towns all across America, not to mention social media sites such as Twitter.

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