The Men’s Fashion Shoe Business Is Hot This Year

Men’s shoe fashions used to be boring. Boring is a word that describes most of the men’s brands except for a few brands that develop and present their own fashion statements. Paul Evans Footwear is one of those brands. The designers are Paul Evans live in New York, but they travel the world searching for shoe ideas. Those ideas come from a number of places. Designers just don’t go to Paris and Milan to find the latest trend in men’s shoes. They travel to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Sweden, and a number of other countries in order to find treatments, materials and designs that can be used in men’s footwear.

But that’s not the only reason why Paul Evans is a special brand. Paul Evans shoe designs are made in Italy. They are handmade in Italy just like shoes have been made for decades. Paul Evans Footwear clients don’t have to wait for the company to place a large order for the factory to make a certain style. The Paul Evans factory makes orders one at a time. That sort of service has never existed in the footwear industry before Paul Evans for several reasons. But Paul Evans footwear found a solution for those reasons and their clients are happy they did.

But special ordering one pair at a time doesn’t matter unless the styling, quality and price points meet client’s expectations. Paul Evans has a solution for those issues as well. The new Paul Evans fall Line is a cut above the other brands. Everyone knows boots are hot for fall, and they also know tailored toe shapes and uppers with fine-tuned detailing are in demand. But so are casuals. The 1950s Converse All-Star may be the great-grandfather of today’s sneakers, but variations of it are still alive in the fashion shoe business. The Paul Evans Footwear line has those looks, but they are interpreted in an understandable 21st century way.

Today’s men’s shoe fashions are a mixture of the old and the new. That’s how the shoe business works. Shoe styles are cyclical, but there is something going on this year that is creating another cycle. That something is the introduction of women’s boots in the men’s shoe arena. Men are buying comfort these days and some women’s casual boot makers are making some very comfortable and casual boots for men. Some of the styles in the now-famous women’s UGGs line are now available in men’s sizes.

But men will always be men especially when they are making a fashion statement. UGGs for men may be short-lived item, but the dress and casual shoes from Paul Evans are timeless works of art. In order for men’s shoes to be considered classics they must withstand the test of time. Classics are always fashionable and so is quality. Paul Evans Footwear knows that.

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