The Philanthropic Work of Dick Devos and His Family

Dick Devos is the current president of the Windquest alternative energy organization. He is a successful businessman that has been around for years impacting lives within the state of Michigan and the nation. He was a former leader within the Amway Company that was started by his father Dick Devos. He was also a political candidate that ran for office during the mid-2000s.


Mr. Devos has helped hundreds of thousands of peoples within the state of Michigan through his educational reform and through his philanthropy. The Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation has been around for over 20 years and it the vehicle that the Devos’s use to make qualified and important contributions.


The primary contributions that are made by this organization includes those for improved housing, arts management and water restoration for Lake Macatawa. Throughout the years the Devos’s have also given money to help feed people in need and to provide people with clothing.


Their charity is not limited to just these areas of giving. They also have opened up a charter school that provides a top quality education and it teaches people how to fly. The name of this school is West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school by the Devos’s is considered one of the best in all of Michigan.


Dick also helps people through the educational reform that his wife and he carried out many years ago. This reform allowed many low-income Michigan residents to provide their children with the best education possible. School choice is very important and underprivileged people deserve to have the best education for their child.


Devos also has also provided money to different organizations that work to improve the lives of people within West Michigan and throughout the rest of the nation. Their foundation gives money to help these organizations to accomplish their agendas. They have also given money to church organizations which they are proud supporters.


The Republican Party has also benefited from the Devos clan. Many Republican Party members have made it into office based off of their contributions. Many Republican causes have been successful due to the philanthropic work of Dick Devos and his family members. Dick Devos’s work and life of giving is one of the reasons as to why he is such an outstanding American citizen.


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