The President Just Said Brett Kavanaugh Was Proven Innocent

The Brett Kavanaugh political and legal debacle isn’t over in the minds of Americans across the country. Kavanaugh got his dream job. He’s ready to take the legal field and be a team player, according to the short speech he gave at a White House event. Trump was in rare form at the event. According to The Guardian, Trump told Kavanaugh the nation wants to apologize for the pain and suffering he endured during the confirmation process.

The president also said Kavanaugh was proven innocent while he shook Kavanaugh’s hand at that event. The audience applauded Trump’s false statement. It seemed the audience believed Trump. Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sat next to clapping Justice Clarence Thomas but she didn’t clap. Some members of media said she sat there looking like she was trying to figure out what planet she was living on.

Living on another planet is the way some media reports describe President Trump’s approach to governing. He has a way of turning facts into lies and lies into facts. Trump is not the first president to do that. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton told their fair share of nose-growing lies in order to harness the support of their constituents. It seems Presidents act as front men for the political party they represent. And they use the power of the position as well as the power of the law to build scenarios that benefit their party in upcoming elections. Trump is a master of turning the tide with his misleading statements, and in the case of Justice Kavanaugh, he’s stepping on the truth with both feet.

There isn’t a law that prevents Presidents from stretching the truth or lying to the American people. And there isn’t a law that prevents Supreme Court justices from believing those crucial fibs like the fib that Kavanaugh got an innocent verdict from America. Justice Clarence Thomas who was in a similar situation in the 1990s, obviously thought the President’s innocent comment was true. He clapped, so he acknowledged his agreement with Trump’s innocent statement. But Justice Ginsburg didn’t. The different reactions from the justices prove truth isn’t the measuring stick for moral and ethical fortitude anymore, according to the Democrats. If presidents can say what they want, when they want, the justice system has a flaw in its political genetic makeup, according to some legal experts.

Melania Trump didn’t attend the event. But that didn’t matter. Trump didn’t need her by his side to sing the praises of Justice Kavanaugh. She was busy telling the press to stop writing about what she wears and focus on what she’s accomplishing.

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