The Rise of Norka Luque, the Music Star

Norka Luque is one of the great musicians who inspires people’s dreams. Her journey to being a star in the music industry has a great story full of motivation. Norka gained passion in music at her tender age. As a child, Norka used to go for pieces of training in Music. She received classes on piano, flamenco piano, ballet, and voices. Her parents selflessly supported her talent. During music festival, Norka used to win several awards among them “LA Voz de Oro.”

Norka went to France where she pursued a Business Administration and was awarded degrees in Art, Fashion, and Marketing upon completion of her course. In France Norka would join music bands, this empowered her dreams to become a singer.

Norka’s long life dreams professional music came true after she met Emilio Estefan Jr. Emilio was a prominent musical producer and an entrepreneur. He got interested in her musical project and opened her doors to prominence. All the way Norka believed that one day an angel would come to her rescue and finally the day had come. Emilio directed most of the songs she created or promoted. Milagro which is one of the key hits in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the United States at large. Its unique composition and mix of genres have made the song the favorite of Latin Music Billboards.

In 2015, The State Farm hosted by TV Crash & Guad of mun2, presented ‘The Billboard Bash’ where all members of the music industry were brought together to celebrate music. Norka Luque was the best performer.

According to Norka, artists are responsible for offering positive messages through their songs to their fans. It is the lyrics in their songs that convey the fans to their emotions’ deepest level. The evolution of music and society are like twined they go hand in hand. However the music genres and rhythm can change, the purpose message they deliver should never change. For example in her song Milagro, she strives to pass a message of hope to the people overwhelmed by the personal crisis. Those individuals who are going through the path she followed to her dreams and those people who are always hoping for miracles to transform their lives.

Norka’s place today is constituted by various situations in her previous life that made her value life more and discover that her destiny is in music. Since then Norka has made significant moves in her music career. She has produced and performed several songs among them “Like You Do it” which has made receive awards and nomination as the best female pop artist.

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