The Rise of Securus CEO Rick Smith

Richard Smith is an incredible leader who is changing the corrections industry in the United States. At the moment, the technology expert is serving as the chief executive officer of an institution known Securus Technologies. The company has been in the market for a long time, and it has emerged to be the leader in the competitive market. The company has been offering consumers a wide range of services for a while now, and it is respected for its numerous accomplishments. The success of the privately held company is attributed to the leadership of the institution. The communication and technology solutions from Securus Technologies are out of this world. As the chief executive officer of the technology company, Rick Smith has been in the frontline in introducing quality services.

In the year 2008, Securus Technologies was looking for one professional to serve in the position of president in the privately held company. The institution had just merged with several other companies to form the strongest communication and technology provider in the United States. The move was arrived when the new management decided to bring reforms that would take the company into greater levels. There were numerous customer complains. The government was also complaining because of the high calling rates that were being charged on the inmates who do not even have enough money. Their money is catered for by families who are struggling to make ends meet. After sitting in a board meeting for a very long time, the company founders decided that they were going to appoint Rick Smith so that he could serve in the top position. The businessman had all the skills and expertise needed to take the company to the right levels.

Before getting the prestigious position, Rick Smith had worked in several companies. In these companies, the businessman was working as one of the leaders, and this explains why the businessman has been showing great leadership skills when serving as the president of the private firm. His educational background has been instrumental in the success of the firm. Rick Smith was fortunate to have parents who took him to some of the best schools in the world. While studying at the university, the businessman acquired all the expertise needed in the technology platform.

For a company to achieve great results in the modern market, it must ensure that it delivers quality services to the consumers. However, this cannot be done when an individual does not have the right skills. Without the new technology, most companies experience huge losses because they cannot cope with the high competition. At Securus Technologies, the technology experts have done their best to make sure that the inmates gets the best services at very affordable rates.


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