The Rise of Visual Search Technology Is Hugely Positive

Visual search technology is expanding into more and more online venues. The MIT Technology Review published an extensive article on the topic. Anyone who is intrigued by developments in search engine technology is going to find the text very interesting reading. In the article, the social media site Pinterest and the online retailer are put under the proverbial microscope. How visual search software is being integrated into their platforms is examined and a lot of new insights are revealed about where online searching is headed in the future.

First, what is a visual/image search and what value does it bring? Visual search and image recognition uses photos or other images to find matches on a website. The company Slyce is a pioneer in the development of this type of technology. Slyce created an app that is used to take pictures on a smartphone. The pictures are then used to find matching images on an online retailer’s affiliated website.

Slyce signs clients on the Fortune 500 list and has delivered beyond expectations. One client reported significant increases in revenue. Customers enjoy the apps and tools created by Slyce as the Toronto-based startup continues to add and develop new ways to improve and enhance the shopping experience. is a top retailer and the site does face competition from various other sellers. The company wants to make shopping easier for its customers and the use of a visual search tool designed to help customers locate shoes through the process of image elimination is proving popular.

Pinterest knows that the millions of images on its photo-based social media platform are difficult to search through. Image recognition software is now integrated into the platform to make locating images far, far easier than ever before.

Both the retail and social media websites integrating image recognition programs and the users of the tools benefit greatly from the software. As long as both parties are pleased with what visual search tools do, these tools are going to grow significantly in the consumer landscape.

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