The Role Played by QNet in Provision of Health and General Well Being Products

In 1998, Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran formed QNet. It is an e-commerce company that deals with direct selling of products and services. The company is a branch of the QI group, which is based in Hong Kong.

QNet sells a variety of products using representatives who recommend products to consumers and receive compensation according to the achieved sales volume. This system is called the bilateral pyramid unit system. Cosmetics, home care, nutrition, fashion accessories and energy products are among the products the company has been producing. In addition, the company offers services such as vacation packages and online learning courses. The growth of the company over the years has enabled it to expand its branches in Taiwan, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. The company has subsidiaries in India and Turkey.

QNet has over thirty diverse products, which sets it apart from other direct selling companies. Over the years, the company has made health and wellness their areas of focus and concentrated on manufacturing products that help them achieve this objective. All the consumable products of QNet are made using vegetarian products. QNet serves only organic and vegetarian meals in their company events. The company is dedicated towards fighting against obesity, diabetes, cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

QNet has manufactured energy and wellness products, which they have been selling under the Amezcua brand that is also the company’s subsidiary. The direct selling corporation has gone green by using Eco-friendly packaging for their products. This packaging system has enabled them to realize their environment conservation objectives. They have also been able to introduce air purification and water filtration products to the market.

The company would like to make India their base of production. The management of the organization believes that the shift in production will improve the economy of India and create more job opportunities for the Indians. In addition, this move will create many investment opportunities for Indians. The company will register massive profits and reduction of operational costs. Currently, a number of their products like energy drinks and watches are being produced in India. The company believes in the philosophy of empowering others and provision of services with humility. The leaders of QNet have embraced the aspect of giving back to the society through their RYTHM foundation.

QNet has been advocating for the ban of pyramid schemes. Such a noble move is aimed at saving people from the scams run by illegitimate companies. Some of these pyramid companies use direct selling companies as a cover up for their illegal businesses. The illegal activities carried out by these schemes have spoiled the credibility of direct selling companies. Their lack of legal structures in these companies has led to embezzlement of unsuspecting peoples funds. QNet remains focused to providing the best services and products for its clients.

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