The State of Virginia Could be on its way to Turning Blue

Dan Helmer is a Democrat running for a campaign in Virginia in order to challenge Representative Comstock for his seat. He is an army veteran and recently used his knowledge of the military to conduct an experiment at a Chantilly, Virginia gunshow.

Helmer walked into the gun show and was able to purchase a fire arm in less than 10 minutes. He didn’t undergo a background check, and the entire thing was caught on tape courtesy of his campaign.

Dan Helmer conducted this experiment to show how easy it is to purchase a gun at a gunshow. Even though federally licenced dealers are required to perform background checks, even at gunshows, Helmer was able to walk out of the gunshow with a new semi-automatic weapon with no problems. Helmer, like the other five Democrats running in the primary election, is campaigning on stricter gun laws and his experiment shows that Virginia desperately needs gun reform.

Just a few years ago, no one would have believed that Virginia would have had a Democratic Governor, but last year, the people spoke up via the voting booth and Ralph Northham was elected as Governor. For this reason, Democrats have a good chance at flipping House and Senate seats as well. With the increase in gun crime in recent years, blue collar families are getting tired of being in fear of their safety. A vote for Democrats in Virginia is a vote for the safety of the citizens.

“Ralph Northam, who did not shy away from the issue [of guns] on any level won by almost 10 points,” said Lori Haas, the Virginia state director at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “I contend that gun violence prevention actually helped him increase his winning margin,” she explained.

According to polling conducted in June of 2017, 91 percent of Virginians support the requirement of background checks for all gun purchases.

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  • June 13, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    Whether it is fair for one party, the Democrats or the Republicans, it makes little difference to the non political class. I get it now as puts the right perspective on what business should be like. With the right input, you’d expect the government of any dispensation to work on the economy better.

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