The Story of Wengie

Wengie was born on January 9, 1986 and as a child, loved to suck on a spoonful of rice for hours without eating it. Her family worried that she wasn’t getting the food she needed but she turned out fine. She used to coax her grandpa to buy her an ice cream every Sunday since it was her favorite treat. Her parents moved to Australia form China when she was very young and she was raised by her grandparents and nanny until she was four. Her family was very poor and so Wengie created a lot of DIY toys to play with. Her parents got new jobs and moved to Sydney when she was seven. Wengie was very shy and in high school she tried hard to make friends. When the internet came out she created her own websites and during her final days of high school, she became a big sister to her brother Jim. She applied to a scholarship for accounting and was accepted and got an accounting job out of university. She moved out of the house at 24 and after four years of being an accountant she resigned to become a social media consultant. She worked crazy hours and got lots of clients. She started her own blog about fashion and beauty and on February, 11, 2013, she launched her own channel. She got engaged to Max, her fiancé, in Yosemite National Park in August 2015 and her social family has grown to over 1 million.


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