The Surprise Resignation of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has resigned from his post on January 29, 2018 after months of public scrutiny and degradation from President Donald Trump.

It’s no secret that President Trump expects complete loyalty from everyone in the Justice Department. With the investigation into Russian ties heating up, President Trump is trying to get rid of anyone who might be able to provide credible evidence of obstruction of justice.

McCabe was set to retire in a few months, but President Trump’s continual tweets have taken a toll.

Over the last few months, the President has tweeted numerous disparaging remarks about the head of the FBI, believing that because McCabe is a Democrat and voted for his rival, he is not able to be neutral in his position.

McCabe’s wife ran for office as a Democrat. His wife’s campaign received money from a friend of the Clintons. In President Trump’s reasoning, this ties McCabe to the Clintons and is the reason Hillary Clinton has not been investigated thoroughly by the FBI.

In a never ending landscape of firings, tweets and upheaval, the resignation of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is only another mark for an already toxic presidency that continues to divide the people and not unite anyone.

The President has been clear that he believes there is a conspiracy to undermine his presidency, including the “witch hunt” regarding Russia and the ties to his campaign.

President Trump made an effort to fire special counselor Robert Mueller in the past, and McCabe’s departure from the FBI may be enough proof of obstruction of justice if it becomes clear that President Trump forced the resignation.

Robert Mueller reports to Andrew McCabe, and with Trump appointing a new Director, this can make the investigation virtually disappear.

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