The Tao of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a force to be reckoned with. Now in his early forties, the consummate entertainment renaissance man seemingly refuses to take a day off. Ultimately, he is a man of routine and someone with a remarkable work ethic. Lately, his work has forced him to make a geographic change, relocating from Los Angeles to New York City. Despite the shift, Seacrest remains determined to stay on top of his game and has his daily itinerary is planned out to a t. His new life on the east coast is due to his work co-hosting ‘Live’ with Kelly Ripa. Recently Seacrest broke down his daily routine in a New York Times article highlighting the entertainer’s impressively long-running career. Unsurprisingly, Seacrest doesn’t take the hours in a day for granted. In the article he reveals that he begins his day with matcha tea before his first cup of coffee. He also takes a physical trainer anywhere work takes him.

He considers keeping in shape as key to his overall success and ability to stay on top of work. According to,  Seacrest has even picked up boxing as a hobby and prefers running in the park to on a treadmill. He avoids spending too much time on his phone and espouses a largely vegan lifestyle. He calls himself a devoted ‘foodie’ and lover of good wine. Also, in the article, the television host remarks on time spent working for Dick Clark, whose easygoing style he looks up to. It’s interesting how relaxed Seacrest seems considering his work output. He’s known far and wide as the host of ‘American Idol’ as well as the radio program ‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest‘ on KIIS-FM in the morning. Hosting ‘Idol’ garnered Seacrest an Emmy nomination and producing ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ got him a win. It’s no surprise that Ryan Seacrest knows fashion, but many don’t know that he’s collaborated with Buberry’s Christopher Bailey on a line of men’s suits called ‘Ryan Seacrest Distinction‘. Furthermore, Seacrest is an accomplished philanthropist who launched a nonprofit, the ‘Ryan Seacrest Foundation’ in 2010, which holds centers at hospitals countrywide.

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