The Top 3 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Like Dan Newlin During the Consultation

Attorney Dan Newlin is a person injury and accident lawyer serving Florida and Illinois. He and the other attorneys at The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are highly experienced. They have and excellent reputation and have recovered over $200 million for clients. Newlin also offers free case consultation to potential clients.

Before hiring any personal injury lawyer, a consultation or interview will need to take place. These interviews and consultations can be intimidating at first, and many people don’t know which questions they should ask of a potential attorney. Here are a few of the most important questions to ask when selecting a personal injury attorney.

What type of cases do they usually handle?

A general practitioner will hand all sorts of cases, and personal injury cases are only part of what they do. It is typically much better to hire a specialist, who will have more knowledge and experience in this specific type of law.

How much experience do they have?

Nothing will hinder a client’s case like an inexperienced attorney without the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to properly represent injury and accident victims. An experienced attorney who understands the insurance companies and court systems involved and who has an excellent track record will definitely do a better job in handling a case and getting a client the compensation of the amount they are entitled to.

What does their track record look like?

If the attorney has many past cases with successful outcomes, this is a very good thing for the client. When a claim is filed, which lawyer the plaintiff is being represented by will have a substantial impact on what an insurance company does. They know which local lawyers will take cases to court and which ones will just settle as quickly as possible. Being represented by a lawyer who has a history of successful outcomes in similar cases can pose a serious threat to insurance companies, and they will be much more likely to cooperate.

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